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My blog features a range of articles ranging from educational to personal anecdotes. Whatever the subject, you can be sure that it’s witchy! Even though my blog isn’t monetized, I still make an effort to publish at least one article a week. Teaching others about witchcraft and Paganism is a passion of mine – it’s a charge from the Goddess in all honesty. Subscribing to my blog would be the best way to learn more about me, about my life, my beliefs and how I still have fun regardless of how seriously I take my witchcraft practice and Pagan faith.

Art Columnist

I have just joined the Spiral Nature team as their new art columnist! I am so excited about this! I will be writing two articles a month about subjects that fall under the art/ occultnik subject, which is vast, so I have a lot of room to be creative with my articles! I also write one special article a month for the Spiral Nature members! These articles include all the best spells, rituals and other tantalizing secrets. Totally worth signing up for a Spiral Nature membership for! It’s only $7 a month and you get access to the best articles!

Published Works

“Secure Sovereignty with the Morrigan” January 2019 edition of Witch Way Magazine

To view more of my writing check out my blog! 

Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 12.38.25 AM
One of the most viewed articles on Magical Musings Blog!


  • In just a few weeks my blog has obtained over 500 views! (That’s with little advertising for it too)
  • I have published 10 articles so far on Hubpages.com, and all of which were made Feature Articles! Several of my articles have been chosen to be published on Exemplore, a sister site of Hubpages, that only accepts articles of the highest quality.
  • As of September 3rd, my articles have been viewed by over 3,400 people! I have received an accolade for 1000 views, as well as for writing exceptionally interesting articles that are read from start to finish.
  • In December, 2018, two of my articles ranked #8 and #5 for most popular posts on SpiralNature.com! 

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