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I'm a mother, an artist, and a witch. I am a freelance writer - Magical Musings Freelance Writing Services - and I am passionate about all things witchy! I'm a devotee of the Morrigan and Lugh, two heroic Celtic gods. My passion is writing about things that will help others, writing about things that have helped me. I have come a long way in the past year - never underestimate the effects of domestic abuse. When the abuser is gone one does not just go back to their old life. Being abused changes you to the core, as it did me. Witchcraft, Paganism, dear friends, and hard work have brought me to the point where I can confidently say I am happy, whole, and the Sovereign of my life. As a priestess I hope to confer sovereignty and unity to others. Blessed Be!

The Effects of Narcissistic Abuse (part 2)

Next time you’re about to tell someone that is being abused “Well I’d just leave him/her” or “Why do you stay?”…think about this

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The term narcissism is thrown around rather loosely, which is why I hesitated to use the word at first. We use it to describe people who may be a little self-obsessed or have an inflated ego. True, these are traits of a narcissist. However, there’s more to narcissism than these traits alone, just like there’s more to NPD than someone being slightly narcissistic alone.

Narcissism isn’t solely self-obsessed. Narcissism seeks to destroy, because narcissism itself can’t handle existing. Imagine hating yourself so much that you need to annihilate others’ sense of self just to feel good about you for even a fraction of a second, before needing to go off and find the next person. That’s narcissism. It’s self-loathing so deeply rooted that it needs to completely shatter others just to feel good about itself.

In part one, The Effects of Narcissistic Abuse, I briefly detailed what was going…

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